High Plains Industrial Park - Water & Environment

Water & Environment

The area includes wetlands and deciduous flora that drain naturally into specific locations throughout the site. High PlainsIndustrial Park will maximize the benefit of these unique features by creating a sophisticated storm water management system which will provide two distinct advantages to industry:

Participation in an Environmental Project

As part of the Province of Alberta’s “Water for Life” strategy, research teams from Olds College will establish a wetland “laboratory” on the High Plains site. Researchers will conduct ongoing aquatic vegetation research, species production, and operational monitoring.

The planned storm water treatment process is being called the “treatment train.” It is hoped that information gathered from this project will provide a knowledge base and help to develop procedures that enable similarly progressive environmental practices on other industry sites.

A Superior Supply for Water-Heavy Industries

Water from the storm water system will be treated to a level acceptable for industrial uses. The bottom line for our tenants is a lower-priced water supply that is safe for industrial purposes, such as concrete manufacturing and pipe bending.

A portion of the profit generated by the treated storm water facility will be provided to Olds College to facilitate ongoing research. Click here for the Olds College 2017 Project Activity Report.